Emerald is a designer that loves to create work where the viewer must interact with the piece to really understand it. Through textures, three dimensional forms, and interactive work, Emerald strives to design work that leaves you asking questions.

Red Pen Project // Senior Thesis

The Red Pen Project is a student-led design activism project focused on improving and supporting student success. While traditional models in higher education are aimed at academic content, another important aspect to student success is mediated through their experiences on campus. For the students who study in the BGSU Fine Arts Center, their experiences in art studios, classrooms and restrooms are met with frustration from broken fixtures; leaking ceilings; damaged floors, walls, doors, and lockers; HVAC inconsistencies, health issues from moisture, and general ugliness of patchwork and outdated facilities. The presence and distraction of these poor conditions impact students’ feelings of well-being, importance to the campus community, their ability to be focused on their creative output, and their overall success.

Circling these issues, the Red Pen Project is working to improve the Fine Arts building by highlighting these issues while working with university administrators, faculty, and campus operations. Thus far, the Red Pen Project has been able to bring about minor repairs as well as gain major attention from University administrators about the importance of the condition of the Fine Arts Center. The attention has been good, but it isn’t enough. The Red Pen Project intends to remain dedicated and vigilant on the issues until students see priority and action given to permanent repairs to the BGSU Fine Arts Center.

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