Emma is a Graphic Designer from Canton, Ohio. She first got interested in graphic design in high school and has continued that passion ever since. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, snuggling up with her dog, and listening to music. Emma is very knowledgeable in art history, and loves going to art museums whenever she is given the opportunity. In 2018, she attended SACI College of Art & Design in Firenze, Italia, and hopes to one day live abroad as a Graphic Designer.

Home Museum // Senior Thesis

Home Museum is a print installation intended to not only educate the viewer, but also shift the viewer’s experience. Due to being self-quaratined at home and museums not being open, I don’t have my safe space to go to and let go of my emotions. While being inside all day, I started to get bored, and that is how I found the escape of going to online museums. I would pick
a city in any part of the world, each week and educate myself on 5 pieces in the museum. I would look into the meaning of the pieces, what stood out, and also who was the artist behind each piece. This brought me comfort in a way that I have never experienced, because even though I was home, I felt like I was letting go of the lonely emotions that I was feeling, by looking at the works of art on my T.V. I am a person who tends to always have a wall up, and doesn’t always let people know how or what I am thinking. Being 3 hours away from home has taken a toll on my mental health, and how I bottle up my emotions. I have had people pass in my family, get cancer, and attempt to commit suicide. It is extremely hard to hear and deal with, while feeling helpless so far away, and museums provide that comforting safe space for me.

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View her portfolio online at emmapoorman.myportfolio.com