Erin is a graphic designer born and raised in Northwest Ohio. Raised with a love for Lake Erie and our planet, Erin pays close attention to the smallest details in life. She began her college career as an environmental science major but quickly transferred to the BGSU School of Art after discovering her passion for graphic design and understanding the absolute importance of creativity in her life. Here, she was exposed to the wonderous worlds of design and printmaking, and was accepted into Undergraduate and BFA gallery shows. Moving on into the real world, Erin hopes to keep on learning and never stop making.

Mind Dumps // Senior Thesis

Mind Dumps explore levels of graphic design expression through the examination of self-growth. Daily journal observations of things seen, done, heard, and felt became research devices for exploring language, color, type and form on each page. Further experimentation of collaging in a separate journal allowed for a practice in balancing improvisation and knowing exactly when and where to stop on a page. Observations from these daily journal entries were then reevaluated and juxtaposed to observations made months or even just weeks later to create large mixed media collages. Through constant mediation and trial, creating small work daily has brought routine and determination to a doubtful designer.

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