Simply put, Liv loves art. –the study of its history, the souls that define it, brushstrokes on a canvas, conceptually detailed & sexy design– all light up her mind & heart alike. Despite being an emotional over-thinker, choosing a career in the arts was never a question. Liv knew she was an artist since the time she could fathom what one was. By embracing her creative energy, her intuitive relationship to painting, her connection to the study of art history & her addiction to feeling inspired, she formed a multidisciplinary education that has blended stylistically into an eye for design that she is proud to take home & put to work in Chicago!

Inspired Babe // Senior Thesis

What inspires these soles, are not merely sad statistics… or even the works of art that remain to be seen with justified memory— but the amazing stories— of odds-defying women whose souls represent the kind of will, fortitude & sacrifice that have walked paths, now buried, in the art world for future generations, only to be forgotten.

These soles were inspired exclusively by: The Ninth Street Women

A truly badass group of women artists— whose young adult years were of Post-War 1950’s America. An artistic revolution was booming with a new generation of artists defined by abstract expressionism: an action-packed way of painting, from which truly ~cool~ art is produced! Think gigantic, splatter painted, colors of energy, print & brushstrokes— Well, think Jackson Pollock —Ring a bell? …Probably. *pause for a sigh & eye roll* because there enlies prime example of the problem!!!: an entire movement of revolutionary artwork should NOT be remembered by a single face iconized by the westernized, patriarchal lens of art’s history! It is precisely this lens that has kept women limited beneath the frame as subjects, despite the overwhelming amount of their contributions to the canvas behind it.

Perhaps change will come when men write with as much ease about women artists as do women.

Perhaps change will come when more eyes point to the inequality, as opposed to turning blind ones to the systemic misogyny that creates it.

Perhaps change will come when inspired babes walk their worlds with soles that start a conversation.

 Inspired, babe?

—hope so. Be creative & stay inspired. Do with it something strong: forge a new path that demands its deserved attention. —Just like the Ninth Street Women! Tell the stories of the lives & sights that have inspired your soles. Reclaim the history of their pasts’ crusade by inspiring the present to take steps forward & make a change. It’s time.

Give the girls their right to history —their work the eyes they deserve, and the art world the wakeup call it needs.

Take a step forward. with something to say. Let your soles step first, & even speak first… & you? take it from there.

Stay inspired babe!

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