Madeline grew up with artistic influences; her dad is a kitchen + bath designer and her mom is a high school art teacher. Her love for design started in 6th grade on shadow day when she observed her family friend, a freelance designer. Her passions beyond design include photography, travelling, writing, and FOOD. Much of her design work is fueled by these passions. She has a strong desire for going beyond her comfort zone and searching for new challenges in her artistic experiences, discovering more about herself as an artist along the way.

Quarantining and Dining // Senior Thesis

Quarantining and Dining captures and reflects the many ways in which comfort is provided through food. The project content was collected through food culture research, interviews, and observation and then mediated through Instagram. The Instagram feed has a designed aesthetic architecture and branding system that makes it distinct and identifiable. The Instagram account name can be found 

@Quarantininganddining. Although the project is rooted in Midwestern food culture, the perspectives provided are from across the United States, as well as from numerous occupations in order to express 

a diverse range of perspectives. The Instagram account encourages interaction and exchange of ideas.

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