Mallory is a graphic designer from Perrysburg, Ohio with a background in marketing and printmaking. Lover of cats, coffee, and high end cosmetics, she can usually be found serving lattes, conducting photoshoots with her feline roommates, or spending the day online shopping in bed. Her primary focus is in branding and packaging design for the food and beverage, beauty, fashion, and women’s health industries. 

For the Love of Rituals // Senior Thesis

A fascination with the overlooked daily habits that people possess and how the intricacies of small, repeated actions shape our identities inspired the introduction of a new language for talking about rituals. These practices include monetary, emotional and physical investments. Drinking coffee or washing your face may seem mundane and unassuming on the surface, but everything from the way a coffee cup is held in your hand, to the level of precision used in rubbing a moisturizer into your skin is full of intention.

Many of us try to find a sense of self in the things we buy but the reality is that it comes from what we do with these things, how we do it, and why we do it that way. With the goal to specialize in consumer product packaging design, rather than trying to sell products on a shelf, this project is a literal interpretation of what it would look like to sell the ritual that will result from the purchasing of said products. The combination of screen printed and laser cut illustrations and symbology represents how my own investments and the investments of others manifest together into who we are as people through our personal rituals.

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