Willow is a passionate individual whose life is dedicated to anime, k-pop, video games, and merchandise collecting. Oh, and she makes art in her spare time. Willow has been cosplaying and attending conventions since around 2009 and her ultimate goal for the future is to be able to work the convention circuit at least part-time. If you’re interested in her illustration, want to be friends, or want to give her music suggestions, feel free to check out/message Willow’s art Instagram: @t00thwart ! :^)


Cryptid: an animal (such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster) that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist.

Much like the elusive nature of cryptids, people tend to deny their creative ability because they haven’t explored their potential. I have always been inspired by unique styles and different trends in fashion, so I combined my passion for expression through clothing with the idea of cryptid’s in order to create Cryptid’s Closet.

The purpose of Cryptid’s Closet is to inspire people to unlock their creativity by providing them with a solid base and a few tools to begin experimenting. Each box contains various supplies for creating art, as well as an article of clothing for the user to apply their designs to. By providing people with the supplies they need to get started, I hope to give people an outlet to explore their creativity.

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